How To Check If Your Vehicle Is On The List of Air Bag Recalls

Our family is reaching out to you in hopes of preventing you or your loved ones from getting hurt or killed by this growing list of vehicles with faulty air bags.  

My daughter told us graphic stories of airbag injuries and deaths she heard at her recent attorney continuing education meeting.

Please, please, please take a minute to check if your vehicle is affected. If it is, please immediately schedule an appointment to get them replaced.  

Here is how to check if your vehicles are on the growing airbag recall list:

1. On the National highway traffic safety administration website at select the word ‘vehicle’ near the top of the web page and enter the year and make of your vehicle (example: 2015 Mercedes).

2. Please reach out to anyone you love and make sure they double check their vehicles.

In case you are wondering… this isn’t part of our job description, just a random act of kindness to do whatever we can to prevent you and your loved ones from being hurt. 

We believe it is easier to prevent a problem than fix a problem so please prevent a problem by checking if your car or truck is on the airbag recall list today.

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