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“In God We Trust”

Making Wise Financial Decisions is Hard Work…

Who is There For You?

Who do you call when you have important business or personal financial decisions to make?

Who is your decision making confidant?
Who is your in the know team?
Who is your get it done team?

CWM Est. 2001

Like A Polar Bear Fiercely Protects it’s Cubs…

“For 23 years, through the best of times & the worst of times, we have helped freedom loving families & family owned businesses, protect who and what they love.”

— Team CWM

We welcome your call for independent guidance about your financial goals, questions, problems & to-do’s.

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Nothing Artificial… We are real people helping real people”

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Whatever life you are trying to create, problems you face, or opportunities you want to pursue, we have your back & we are cheering you on.

Team CWM

Life experience has taught us…

It is typically easier and less costly to prevent a problem than it is to fix a problem.

The lesson to be learned is… don’t put off your important financial to-do’s.

~ What best life are you trying to create?
~ What financial problems do you currently face?
~ What financial opportunities are you considering?

~ Plan to make better informed decisions.
~ Plan to take more confident actions.
~ Plan to get your financial to-do’s done easier.

The life lesson is don’t put off your financial to-do’s any longer, make an action plan to get them done, and follow your action plan in good times and bad.

Team CWM

“Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others”

Otto von Bismark

CWM Life Lessons

It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, life is going to surprise you with what you want & don’t want.

Experience has taught us that when you properly protect who & what you love with quality insurance

It gives you the confidence to go after your best life, with everything you’ve got.

– Team CWM

“Thank You for supporting our American Made family business.

— Team CWM

Why Struggle Unnecessarily?

Why struggle unnecessarily searching the internet for hours, reading generic, censored, one size fits all insurance advice… when protecting your assets is so much easier with our independent research, guidance, sales and service on all types of business & personal Insurance.

Why struggle unnecessarily sharing your personal information with strangers all over the internet…. when your life gets so much easier when you independently shop for all your business and personal insurance in one place.

Why struggle unnecessarily… when our family consulting firm can help you independently shop, compare and customize your insurance portfolio… in most cases at no extra cost.


Got Insurance Questions?
Call the CWM Asset Protection Team.

Keep in mind, when you search for insurance advice on the internet

the results you are shown are biased by
how much an advertiser pays and what they want you to see or not see.

The Truth is…

We can help you independently buy insurance to protect who & what you love
~ The truth is nobody knows the future so deciding what insurance protection to buy or not buy & how much insurance to buy on a limited budget is challenging.

We work hard to make it easier for you to buy & use your insurance
~ The truth is, it is a complex contract that will require time & effort to properly understand & use.

Living your best life takes time, money, effort, teamwork and planning
~ The truth is, doing all of the above can’t stop unwanted things from happening. So protect yourself with quality insurance.

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